For Immediate Release

Contact:Dean Pagani
December 20, 2017



Non-Partisan Ticket to Break Government Gridlock and Unleash 

Connecticut’s Full Potential


(HARTFORD) – Oz Griebel, the outgoing chief executive of the MetroHartford Alliance, is running for governor in 2018. 

Griebel announced attorney Monte Frank of Newtown will be his running-mate for lieutenant governor. The pair will run as independents and are planning an administration that will break partisan barriers currently preventing Connecticut from achieving its full potential.

Griebel and Frank will mount an unconventional campaign aimed at voters who are convinced the present state of the two-party system limits their choices and leads to government gridlock.

“Connecticut voters believe in the strength and potential of our state, but they are convinced politics as usual is holding the state back. They feel no one is listening to their concerns. Listening, combined with collaboration, will be our way of doing business,” Griebel said. “Polarized politics makes it almost impossible for well-intentioned people to come together for the good of the state on critical economic and social issues. We are an independent choice that puts the welfare of all Connecticut citizens above political party.”

Griebel will be joined on an independent ticket with attorney Monte Frank, a partner with Pullman & Comley. Griebel, formerly a Republican, is delighted to have Frank, previously a lifelong Democrat, join his team. The willingness of Griebel and Frank to shed party labels and work together for the good of Connecticut is an important first signal of the organizing principles of a Griebel/Frank administration. 

“Today’s politics continually presents voters with false choices between liberal and conservative points of view,” Frank said. “The truth is, good government is the application of common sense. Most people are in the middle. Most people want government to run efficiently, and create an environment for success and opportunity for everyone.  We can act with fiscal responsibility and protect our most vulnerable at the same time. That’s what I believe. That’s what Oz believes. Together we hope to break down barriers and provide non-partisan, leadership to Connecticut residents.” 

Griebel and Frank will not take part in Connecticut’s system of public financing, but will fund their campaign through individual donations. “Given the state’s fiscal situation it is irresponsible for any candidate to use public funds to pay for their campaign,” Griebel said. “The public financing of political campaigns will remove at least $30 million from the state budget in the coming year. That money could be used for social service programs or a variety of other critical needs much more important to the people of our state.” 

Griebel and Frank have bypassed the formation of an exploratory committee and are creating the required campaign committees in filings with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Since they are not seeking the endorsement of any political party they can begin campaigning for the office of governor and lieutenant governor immediately.

In the coming days they will file paperwork with the Secretary of the State so they can begin collecting the 7,500 signatures necessary to secure a place on the ballot in November of 2018 and give voters a choice based not on parties or politics, but on experience, demonstrated leadership, and a commitment to the people of Connecticut to work for them to achieve Connecticut’s full potential.