Nonpartisan, independent leadership moving Connecticut forward

Meet Oz Griebel

Oz GriebelFor 17 years Oz Griebel led the MetroHartford Alliance, the Hartford region’s largest organization of business leaders. During that time he has been heavily involved in advocating for state policies intended to create jobs by expanding the state’s economy. He has been called on many times to serve on government advisory panels or provide advice to elected leaders on economic policy.

He is running for governor as an independent candidate in 2018, because he believes strict adherence to party philosophies is preventing state leaders from building consensus on behalf of the people of the state.

As governor, he intends to lead an administration focused on listening and collaboration. He wants to harness the power of business leadership, and the expertise of people who work every day to make Connecticut a better place to live, to create a state government capable of growing the Connecticut’s business workforce and providing for those in our society who need government support.

Griebel has been a teacher and a coach. He has a law degree and has served on a number of corporate boards. Before joining the MetroHartford Alliance, he was CEO of Bank Boston Connecticut. He has been named “Business Person of the Year” by both the Hartford Courant(1995) and the Hartford Business Journal(2001). He lives in Hartford.

Meet Monte Frank

Monte Frank

Monte Frank is a member of Pullman & Comley’s Litigation practice and recent past-president of the Connecticut Bar Association. He represents business and municipal clients in both state and federal courts.

During his tenure as CBA president, Frank led efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the Connecticut legal community, advocate for veterans, combat opioid addiction, promote access to justice and defend the rule of law. He is known as a national leader on the issue of gun safety. He played a prominent role in his hometown of Newtown following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012.

He continues that advocacy as the leader of Team 26, a group of cyclists who have ridden each of the last five years from Newtown to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness of issues of gun violence in our communities.

Monte agreed to join Oz as a candidate for lieutenant governor because he believes the current political system forces candidates for public office and office-holders to make false choices between fiscal responsibility and social responsibility. Monte and Oz believe most Connecticut residents want and expect both responsible stewardship of public resources and a dedication to inclusion and care for those most in need.

Frank is a graduate of Cornell University and Cornell Law School. He has lectured at Cornell, the Connecticut Legal Conference, the CBA Diversity and Inclusion Summit, the University of Connecticut School of Law and Quinnipiac Law School. He represents Connecticut at the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates. He lives with his family in Newtown.