Challenges of 3d printing

3D printing is a technology in which three-dimensional model face made by Digital 3D model. 3D printing in Dubai is a cheap method to produce prototypes of sanitation tunnel and models that are stronger durable and are produced in very short period of time. Many companies are using 3D Technology in the production of their products as it decreases the cost. Still there are many companies that are struggling in solving the challenges of 3D printing in their business.

Hair is a list of new challenges of 3D printing:

  • There is lack of standardization in 3D printing machines. There is a chance that the product you are producing is of low cost but the machine required for it could be very expensive. Some companies are also worried that 3D printing can give low quality of low quality of products.
  • Over the period of time we have become more efficient and well defined in making products by traditional techniques. But in case of 3D printing there is a chance that it could be more expensive than traditional techniques and also the process of producing the product is not refined and streamlined enough. 3D printing could be expensive and time taking. Time spent on making a product depends upon the number of layers that need to be printed. 3D printers can build from 5 to 40 cm per hour.
  • It is very easy for consumers or customers to make the products on their own. Small business owners good start printing any parts or can even copy the intellectual property of any other business. Many big companies that depend on 3D printing have seen cheap knock off that are being sell in the market.
  • It can be hazardous for human health. Feedstock is a thread of plastic filament that is used in 3D printers. This plastic filament is liquefied by heating and when does hot plastic comes out of the nose fumes are also produced. Prolonged exposure to these fumes can be hazardous for human health.
  • A number of selected metals and plastics can only be used in 3D printing. Because only a number of metals and plastic can be temperature controlled. And prolonged use of these metals is plastic of is harmful for human health too.
  •  3D printing is also limited by the size of the product. If you want to create a bigger product for that you need to build it in smaller parts. This is also time taking and will increase the cost of the product.
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