Colour rules everyone should know

Colours are one of the trickiest elements of villa and office interiors to get through because even if you’ve been taught primary and secondary colours along with mixing rules, you may feel blank standing in front of a wall with shade card in the hand – completely confused about which colour to pick. Here are some colouring rules to swear by:

  • 60-30-10

As per the best interior fit out companies in Dubai, this is the colour coding rule which we believe you should live by. 60 stands for the ratio of the base colour in the room which will be occupied by most of the interior and decor while 30 is the ratio of bold or statement colour which most of the furniture will occupy. While 10 percent refers to the space or colour of small ornaments or complimentary decors which you will put up.

  • Choose warm vs cool colour palette

Warm colour refers to the subdued choice of colours which posses a calm affect on the space. These colours are usually mostly used in bedrooms and offices to avoid the shimmering day and get relaxed with neutral tones. If you aim for a cool colour palette, it should be mostly in kid’s room or living room because the blues and purples and reds work the best in that area. They’re vibrant and shout the colours of life.

  • Complementary colours

You will see fit out contractors in Dubai using this complimentary colour scheme the most because it’s the easiest one of all. This one suggests using the colours which are completely opposite to one another on the colour wheel. They could be contrasting colours and the catch here is that you have to work only with two colours. This way you don’t have to worry much about balancing out the neutrals as these two shades will do the work themselves.

  • Analogous colour scheme

This one will be best for you if you don’t really understand the colour scheme and its proportions. Choose two primary colours and for the third shade mix those two and you will be ready with 60-30-10 ratio altogether. You can use this tip and make it work for your room easily. Just be careful in choosing the primary colours the right way.

Hope these colour tips are helpful and you could use this to make something incredible.

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