Different kinds of Tanks

There are different kinds of tanks available for people to have different storage level for their storage of liquid of solids. Most of the times, chemicals are stored in these tanks so they have to be solid and leak proof. To get the best tanks you need to get in contact with the FRAC tank manufacturers and they will provide you better options to choose from. They store in different capacities ranging from 8400 to 22000 gallons of liquid but it is also depends on the viscosity of the liquid. You can get the 20 ft. ISO tank containers when you need them. Here are a few different kinds of tanks:

Mix tanks: These are the tanks which are without the facility of the internal mixing rods which means they have to be mixed manually with the help of the operators. Most of the liquids have to be mixed constantly because if they stay at one place then their ingredients may sit at the base and then it will ruin the basic composition of the liquids.

Closed tanks: These tanks come with the closed upper part with a flat sheet. You can store different liquids in them which can be stored for a temporary time period on the site where you need the liquid. There are different sizes available from 8000 to 21000 gallon capacity. Several other features are available like the heating capacity with the help of coils and steel interior to help the chemical to not spoil over time.

Open top: These tanks are used for the storage of liquids in which you need to take care of the level of storage and the cleanliness of liquid. These cannot be used for the evaporative liquids like fuel, patrol but other chemicals can be stored easily in these tanks. The main feature is they have a sloped bottom in the shape of letter V so that all the liquid can be drained out completely without any difficulty.

Double wall: Some liquids with evaporative characteristics need special care and for them these tanks are available in which there are two walls to protect them from evaporating. Many hazardous chemicals are also stored in these in order to minimize the ratio of any loss and injury. The have other security features too which will help in stop the leakage possibility in them.

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