How to Clean Windows

Cleaning has become a very important part of our lives since the virus has hit the world. There was a time when we never worried much about the dirt around us and we always had a theory that we will clean it after sometime.

But now, if you are not clean, you are a partial virus to world and we always wonder that what is the situation of germ freaks now a days. Cleaning each and every part of the home is very important.

What we don’t clean are the windows, and usually forget to clean them. However, dirty windows can often feel disgusting as well. There are different ways of cleaning windows and most of us don’t clean windows because it is a total fatigue but what needs to be done is needed to be done.

And if you are finding easy and fast ways of cleaning windows of your home or villa, then we suggest that you keep reading below because here, we have mentioned about how to clean windows easily. Read more about villa window cleaning in Dubai.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is gather the following supplies;
  2. Brush or a sponge.
  3. Rubber for a sponge for drying.
  4. Lint free cloth or a micro fiber cloth.
  5. Rag or a clean cloth.
  6. Bucket that must be filled with a cleaning solution.
  7. Large towel to protect the inside of the floors.
  • You must be thinking that the list of the things is a lot and it will take a lot of time but the fact is that the more things you have the faster the work will be done. Next you have to make the solutions.
  • You need to take two gallons of water.
  • Add a dishwashing liquid in it.
  • Add two spoons of dishwashing liquid.
  • Add vinegar in it.
  • Add some rubbing alcohol, cornstarch.
  • And mix.
  • Get the cloth wet in the solution that you have made and rub it on the windows.
  • Give a good rub.
  • Make sure to wear gloves because most people have sensitive skin and they are sensitive towards things like rubbing alcohol, vinegar and even cornstarch.
  • Then wipe the windows dry and do it again and again.