The Issues

More Jobs! 

Job growth is the only viable way to produce the revenue needed for state government to meet the basic legal and moral obligations to its citizens in the areas of public health, public safety, and education.

Urban Development

Managed properly, Connecticut’s large and mid-sized cities can be a great source of strength for our state. The Griebel/Frank administration will work with municipal governments and regional governments along with private sector to ensure appropriate funding for the most-populated parts of the state.


Sell certain state-owned property and use the proceeds to pay for high-priority state budget items such as debt elimination. Under private ownership, this formerly state owned property will generate local tax revenue for cities and towns.

Make urban areas more walkable, bike-friendly and accessible via transit-oriented development and enhanced public transportation options.

Establish stability and practice transparency in planning transportation hubs to encourage economic development.

Incentivize our public and private colleges and universities to create satellite campuses in urban areas with curriculae in areas of interest for potential employers, such as technology and engineering.


We need to equalize educational quality statewide.

The state has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades in unsuccessful attempts to equalize educational opportunity statewide with less-than-impressive results.


Include parents and taxpayers from under-performing and under-served school districts in policy development.

Ensure appropriate and consistent funding to all local school districts.

Develop curricula at all levels with the goal of producing graduates who are trained for the jobs of the present and future. This means greater cooperation with the business community when developing education policy.

Build strong partnerships between state and local government and institutions of higher learning at public and private colleges and universities.

Establish a working relationship among Yale, UConn, and the business community in order to develop technology campuses in Bridgeport and Hartford, creating economic growth. This project will restore the confidence of the business community in Connecticut’s economy.


The Griebel/Frank administration will create a much-needed clear transportation plan based on what is in the long-term interest of the entire state.


Re-establish the Transportation Strategy Board, bringing together stakeholders from the private and public sectors to develop strategy and make recommendations.

Make decisions regarding fuel taxes, usage taxes, and electronic tolls on the basis of which system most efficiently raises the revenue necessary to properly fund our shared transportation priorities.

Increase the speed and convenience of getting to Boston and New York from anywhere in Connecticut.

Reduce travel time between major Connecticut cities to 30 minutes. 30/30/30 = 30 minutes from Hartford to New Haven, from New Haven to Bridgeport, and from Bridgeport to Stamford.

Maximize the potential of Bradley International Airport

Invest in a major statewide expansion of train, bus, and ferry service and properly maintain roads, bridges and ports.


Identify and put into action an efficient and fair plan for raising the appropriate revenue to achieve the state’s agreed-upon policy goals.


Open up a discussion about Connecticut’s municipal property tax system as part of the larger overall question of state tax policy.

Develop a taxation system that puts the state’s economically-distressed  cities and towns on an even playing field with more affluent towns.

Diversity & Inclusion

It is imperative that we tap into the intellectual capital and expertise that already exists in our state, but has been overlooked by previous administrations.

We are the only candidates who have pledged to establish leadership based on diversity and inclusion.

Gun Violence Prevention

After Sandy Hook, Connecticut enacted common sense gun safety laws that have become a model for the nation.

We will use the leadership power of Governor and Lt. Governor to encourage neighboring states and the federal government to enact similar gun safety legislation. It is the most important step we can take to ensure guns purchased in other jurisdictions are not used to commit crimes in Connecticut.

We are open to new ideas regarding gun reform, with the goal of making our state as safe as possible when it comes to gun ownership.

Other Issues of Concern

If you have questions about our positions outlined here, or if there are issues of concern to you that we have not addressed, let us know! The success of this campaign lies in our desire to hear from as many voices as possible to find solutions that will work for all of Connecticut.