We Need To Do Better (Monte Frank)

The news from Parkland, Florida on Wednesday was a kick in the gut.

As a Sandy Hook resident, it brought me right back to that horrible day now known simply as 12/14. In the period following the shooting at the Sandy Hook School, our legislature came together to pass laws that have reduced gun violence in Connecticut without violating the Second Amendment. In fact, Connecticut’s gun reforms were upheld by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals


There are still too many gun-related deaths in our state.

Many of the crime guns come from states with lax gun laws. That is why I will join community leaders from Hartford at Hartford City Hall on Tuesday, February 20th at 6 PM, to call on Congress to enact federal law, such as requiring a background check on all firearm sales, a measure supported by 95% of Americans.


Oz and I are committed to the safety of all of Connecticut’s residents.

Cooperation on a regional and national level is imperative. Our administration will work every day to press Congress and governors from other states to adopt laws similar to the laws we have here. We will also support efforts such as Project Longevity in New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport, and will promote mental health programs across the state. I was part of the team that developed the security standards for the new Sandy Hook School, some of which were adopted by the state. As fathers, Oz and I share the concerns expressed by so many parents who feel uneasy every morning when they put their children on the bus. Nothing is more important than providing a safe learning environment for all children.

We believe in bringing people together for common good.

A constructive dialogue must take place among gun owners and those who choose not to own a firearm, between Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and between rural, suburban and urban residents. Oz and I have been having these discussions throughout the state and we realize that if you take the politics out of the equation, most of us can get past the rhetoric and out of our corners, and come together on reasonable gun violence prevention measures which will save lives.

Independent Leadership

Oz Griebel and Monte Frank are touring the state making the case for a new approach to leadership in Connecticut.

As independent candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, Oz and Monte are pushing an agenda based on collaboration and solutions. Oz spoke this week with writers at the Journal Inquirer newspaper of Manchester.

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Signature Gathering Underway

This campaign for governor begins by seeking support directly from the voters.

To get on the ballot in the fall, we need to gather 7,500 signatures from registered Connecticut voters. We are closing in on the first 1,000 signatures. Stay in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook and this site for the latest information on signature gathering events near you.

A Pledge to Be Inclusive

A cornerstone of a Griebel/Frank administration will be a respect for all people and views.

The challenges Connecticut faces in the years ahead require all of us working together and as Oz Griebel says, “will not be solved by a small group of people meeting behind closed doors.”

With that as background, candidate for Lt. Governor Monte Frank offered this pledge for diversity and inclusion on Martin Luther King Day.

Help us get Oz and Monte on the ballot this fall by signing our petition. We are on our way to gathering the 7,500 signatures we need to give Connecticut a real choice.

Listening a Key to Leadership

As Oz Griebel begins his campaign for governor, he and running mate Monte Frank plan to listen as much as they talk about plans for Connecticut’s future.

The choice to run as independents is not only about the short-comings of party politics. It is about an approach to governing that seeks solutions from anyone interested in helping to make Connecticut a better place. Good ideas don’t belong to one party or another.

Visit us often for the latest news on how you can help us achieve our first goal of getting on the ballot by securing the signatures of at least 7,500 registered Connecticut voters.

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Top Political Writer: Oz and Monte Are for Real

Paul Choiniere, a respected editorial writer for the Day of New London, says the Griebel-Frank team is capable of providing Connecticut voters a solid third choice for governor and lieutenant governor in 2018.

First we need to get on the ballot by collecting 7,500 signatures from registered Connecticut voters.

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